Administrative Law

Administrative Law Notes: JUDICIARY NOTES

Administrative Law is about the rules for how government agencies work. It covers things like how these agencies are set up, what they can and can’t do, the steps they follow when making decisions, and what you can do if your rights are affected by their actions.

Introduction to Administrative Law Notes

TopicLink to Notes
Relationship Between Constitutional Law and Administrative LawView Here
Administrative Action- Meaning, Classification And ControlView Here
Administrative Actions: Meaning, Nature, Scope,Significance and CasesView Here
Evolution of the Rule of Law in IndiaView Here
The Rule of Law: Foundation and Application in IndiaView Here
Doctrine of Separation of Powers and its relevance in Contemporary TimesView Here

Delegated Legislation

TopicLink to Notes
Delegated Legislation in India: overview,need and CaseView Here
Conditional Legislation in India: An AnalysisView Here

Administrative Adjudication

TopicLink to Notes
Administrative Adjudication and Administrative Decision-Making: Meaning, Features and NeedView Here
Tribunals and Types of Tribunals in IndiaView Here
Ombudsman in Administrative LawView Here

Administrative Directions

TopicLink to Notes
Administrative Directions: Nature, Enforceability, NeedView Here

Administrative Discretions

TopicLink to Notes
Administrative Discretion: Meaning and Grounds of ControlView Here
Judicial Control of Administrative Discretion – Delegation of DiscretionView Here


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