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Judiciary Legal Maxims: Words H and I Notes

Judiciary Legal Maxims for CLAT JUDICIARY EXAMS

Legal maxims are concise, Latin phrases that encapsulate fundamental principles of law, serving as guiding principles for the judiciary. These maxims are used to interpret and apply the law effectively.

Legal maxims play a crucial role in ensuring fairness, consistency, and predictability in the judicial process, contributing to the development of a just legal system.

Judiciary legal Maxims with Word H

Habeas Corpus : A court order which directed the person to produce before a court who illegally detained beyond twenty four hours before

Honoris Causa : As mark of esteem

Judiciary legal Maxims with Word I

Ibid : In the same place

Ignorantia Juris Non Excusat : Ignorance of the fact is an excuse but ignorance of the law does not excuse

Ignoratia Juris Non Excusat : Ignorance of law has no excuse

Impasse : An insoluble difficulty

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In Curia : In open court

In Loco Parentis : In the place of a parent

In Memoriam : In memory of

In Pari Delicto : Where both parties are equally in fault

In Pari Materia : Where two enactments have a common purpose in an analogous case

In Personam : Proceeding or directed against or reference to a specific person

In Re : In the matter of

In Rem : Right available against the world at large

It Situ : In its original situation

In Toto : Wholly

Infra : Below

Injuria Sine Damunum : Legal injury without actual damage

Innuendo : An innocent statement which a hidden defamatory meaning

Inter Alia : Among other things

Inter Vivos : Made between people who are alive

Intestate : Dying without leaving will

Intra Vires : Within power

Ipso Facto : By reason of that fact

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