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Differences Between State and Government, Society or Nation – Political Science Notes

Distinct between State and Government

The government is an element of the state. It is the agency through which laws are made, and enforced and those who violate rules are punished. The state speaks through the government.

State vs Nation (Differences b/w State and Nation)

A state is an independent political entity with clear geographic boundaries. The nation is a large body of people united by a common origin, history, culture, ethnicity, or language.  The main difference between a state and a nation is that the state is a political and legal entity whereas the nation is a socio-cultural entity.

Differences between State and Society

State and society are different terms, state being a political Concept maintains the external social order; society, being a social concept, has in it a multitude of associations and organizations. The state is an association, but it is distinct from other associations; it alone has sovereignty, the other associations accept the sovereign predominance of the state.

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