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LEGAL MAXIMS CLAT/Law Preparation: Words A and B

LEGAL MAXIMS CLAT/Law Preparation: Words A and B


A Fortiori: With strong reason

A Priori: From the cause to the effect

Ab Antiquo : From ancient times

Ab Initio: From the very beginning

Abiure: To renounce on oath or affirmation

Acta Extoriora Indicant Interiora Secreta : Acts indicate the intention

Actus Legis Nemini Facit Injuriam : Law holds no man responsible for the act of god

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Actus Non Facit Reum Nisi Mens Sit Rea : A guilty mind is necessary to constitute a crime

Actus Reus : Wrongful act, the physical act of involving in the crime

Ad Hoc : For a particular purpose

Ad Idem : Of the same mind

Ad Referendum : For further consideration

Ad Rem : To the point

Ad Valorem : According to the value

Addenda : List of additions

Alias : Otherwise called

Alibi : Elsewhere

Alimony : Maintenance given by a husband to his divorced wife

Amicus Curiae : A friend of court, the name is given to lawyer appointed by a court to represent a poor litigant

Animus Attestandi : The intention of attesting

Animus Deserendi : The intention of deserting

Antenuptial : Before marriage

Assumpsit : He promised or undertook

Au Fait : Conversant with

Audi Alteram Partem : Hear the other side

Auterefois : A person cannot be tried for the same offence twice

Auterefois Acquit : Formerly acquitted

Auterefois Convict : Formerly convicted

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LEGAL MAXIMS CUET Preparation : Word B and Meaning

Bailiff : A subordinate officer of the court who executes writs and other court orders

Bona Fide : In good faith, honestly

Bona Vacantia : Goods that do not have an owner. Generally they go to the finder

Boni Judici Est Ansliare Jurisdictioness : It is the part of a good judge to enlarge his jurisdiction.

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