Judiciary CLAT Notes: Fundamental Rights of Indian Citizens

The Fundamental Rights are mentioned in the Preamble of the Constitution which states that the Constitution ensures the rights which are necessary for the creation of a just and equitable society.

Fundamental Rights:

Fundamental Rights, enshrined in the Indian Constitution, are pivotal for safeguarding human dignity. These rights, detailed in various articles, encompass:

Right to Equality (Articles 14-18):

  • Ensures equal status and personal liberty.
  • Guards against discrimination based on caste, religion, sex, birth.
  • Upholds equal pay and access to common places.

Right to Freedom (Articles 19-22):

  • Guarantees personal liberty, freedom of speech, religion, association, and movement.
  • Prohibits unlawful detention and ensures freedom of religious propagation.

Right against Exploitation (Articles 23-24):

  • Protects against child labor and exploitation of workers.

Right to Religious Freedom (Articles 25-28):

  • Provides the right to individual religious practices, adherence to religious ideals, and universal equality.

Culture and Educational Rights (Articles 29-30):

  • Preserves cultural identity, safeguards minority communities, and ensures citizens’ right to education.

Right to Constitutional Remedies (Articles 32-35):

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  • Grants the right to constitutional remedies, ensuring justice, enforcement of rights, and accountability.

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Fundamental RiGhts of india Judicial Clat notes

Other General Rights:

Apart from Fundamental Rights, Indian citizens also possess additional rights:

Right to Life, Health, and Occupation:

  • Grants individuals the freedom to lead their lives, maintain health, and pursue chosen occupations.

Right to Justice:

  • Provides the right to seek legal recourse, ensuring a fair hearing in accordance with just principles.

Property Rights:

  • Affirms the right to use and own property according to personal choice.

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