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Important Legal Maxims: Words J and L and M

Legal Maxims help in preparation for CLAT,CUET and JUDICIARY EXAMS

Legal maxims are concise, Latin phrases that encapsulate fundamental principles of law, serving as guiding principles for the judiciary. These maxims are used to interpret and apply the law effectively.

Legal maxims play a crucial role in ensuring fairness, consistency, and predictability in the judicial process, contributing to the development of a just legal system.

Word J: legal Maxims

Jus : Right

Jus Naturale : Law of nature, natural justice

Word L: legal Maxims

Laissez Faire : Doctrine of non-interference by state in economy

Lex : Statute

Lex Fori : The law of the court in which the case is tried

Lex Loci : The law of a place

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Lex Non Cogit Ad Impossibilia : Law cannot compel a person who is not possible to perform

Lis Pendens : A pending suit

Locus Standi : Right to be heard in court

Word M: legal Maxims

Mala Fide : With bad faith

Mandamus : We command

Manifesta Probatione Non Indiget : Things manifest do not require proof.

Mens Rea : Guilty mind

Mesne : Intermediate

Mesne Profits : Damage payable by trespassers who have stayed in possession after their right to occupy land has ended

Modus Operandi : Mode of operating

Mutatis Mutandis : With necessary changes being made

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