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Judiciary Legal Maxims Notes: Words E and F Notes

Judiciary Legal Maxims Notes: Legal maxims are concise, Latin phrases that encapsulate fundamental principles of law, serving as guiding principles for the judiciary. These maxims are used to interpret and apply the law effectively.

Legal maxims play a crucial role in ensuring fairness, consistency, and predictability in the judicial process, contributing to the development of a just legal system.

Judiciary legal Maxims with Word E

Ejusdem Generis : Of the same kind, the rule that where particular words are followed by general words.

Emeritus : Retired after long service

En Bloc : All at the same time

En Masse : In a body

Ex Aequo Et Bono : In justice and good faith

Ex Contractu : Arising out of contract

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Ex Curia : Out of court

Ex Delicto : Arising out of wrong

Ex Gratia : As a favour

Ex Nudo Pacto – Non Oitur Actio : An action does not arise from a bare promise

Ex Officio : By virtue of office

Ex Parte : In the absence of one party

Ex Post Facto : Acting retrospectively

Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius : Express mention of one thing implies the exclusion of another

Extra Vires : Beyond powers

Judiciary legal Maxims with Word F

Factum : An act or deed

Factum Probantia : Facts which are given in evidence to prove other facts in crime

Faux Pas : Tactless mistake

Flagrante Delicto : In the commission of the offence

Force Majeure : Beyond one’s control

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