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Legal Maxims for CLAT: Words C and D Notes

Legal Maxims for CLAT starting with Words C and D Notes

Legal Maxims for CLAT: Words C and D Notes

Causa Celebre : A celebrated case

Causa Causans : The immediate cause

Carte Fide : In good faith, honesty

Causa Sine Qua Non : Factor essential to the occurring of event

Caveat : An order given to officers may “let him beware”

Caveat Emptor : Let the buyer beware

Caveat Venditor : Let the seller beware

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Canveat Viator : Let the traveller beware

Certiorari : An order of a higher court which quashes the decision of lower court

Compos Mentis : Of sound mind

Consensus, Non Concubitus, Facit Matrimonium : It is the consent of the parties, not their cohabitation which constitutes a valid marriage

Consensus Ad Idem : Agreement as to the same thing

Corpus Delicti : The substance of the crime

Coup D’etat : Violent or illegal change

Coup D’grace : Finishing stroke

Culpa : Wrongful default


Legal Maxims for CLAT: Starting with Words D Notes

Damnum Sine Injuria : Damage without legal injury

De Die In Diem : From day to day

De Facto : In fact

De Jure : In law

De Novo : New

Decree : Order of court pronounced after hearing the case

Decree Nisi : A conditional decree

Defeasible Right : Right which can be defeated

Doli Capax : Capable of crime

Doli Incapex : Incapable of crime

Double Jeopardy : A second prosecution for the same offence

Durante Absentia : During absence

Durante Vita : During life

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